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Sign Theft

Sign Theft Statistics

Sign theft can cost the average Engineering or Traffic Department from $35,000 to $75,000 annually, not including legal costs resulting from accidents caused by missed signs. Protect yourself from litigation as well as keeping your signs safe.

Tufnut Security Hardware

Tufnut sign security hardware has been used since 1977 to secure street signs & protect people, property, and traffic departments from the problems caused by sign theft.

Vandal Proof Bolts

Use Aluminum One-Way Vandal Proof Bolts for all your traffic signs. They cannot be removed by vandals. These work great with Breakaway Nuts.

Cherry Rivet System

These rivets have approximately double the shear and tensile strength of a standard steel pop rivet. Once set, part of the splined steel mandrel stays inside the rivet for added strength.


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